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Customer Onboarding

Onboarding teams are key in building the foundation for customer trust, interaction, and loyalty in the crucial post-sales phase. They set the tone for the ongoing relationship, with effective onboarding reducing customer turnover and boosting product engagement. This phase is vital in defining the partnership's nature, paving the way for a successful, long-term customer journey.

Roles we've Filled:
Onboarding Manager
Head of Customer Onboarding
Implementation Manager
Head of Implementation
Technical Onboarding Manager
Project Manager
Training Manager
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Customer Success

Customer success roles, often misperceived as merely client hand-holders, are in fact crucial for driving revenue and business growth. Top-tier professionals in this field use strategic insight and proactive tactics to reduce customer turnover, identify upselling opportunities, and build lasting relationships. Their significant contribution is pivotal in guiding the customer journey and securing ongoing business success.

Roles we've Filled:
Customer Success Executive
Customer Success Manager
Customer Success Trainer
Customer Retention Manager
Technical Account Manager
Customer Success Team Leader
Head of Customer Success
VP of Customer Success
Chief Customer Officer
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Customer Operations

Operations are the backbone of a Customer Success team, essential for its overall success. A team of data-focused and analytical individuals is key, not just for gathering data, but for transforming it into actionable strategies. The right hiring choices in customer operations ensure a blend of analytical and operational skills, turning data understanding into effective insights and strategies for your Customer Success team's success.

Roles we've Filled:
Customer Operations Analyst
Digital Customer Success Manager
Customer Marketing Manager
Community Manager
CRM Executive
CRM Manager
Data Specialist
Customer Operations Manager
Head of Customer Operations
Director of Customer Operations
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Customer Support

Everyone needs a little support, so having the best customer support talent in your corner is a must. Swiftly resolving customer issues enhances the customer experience and drives satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately contributing to revenue growth and retention. We know how to spot the best support agents. They are the ones that not only identify the risk of churn but also expansion opportunities when they are speaking to the customer.

Roles we've Filled:
Customer Support Analyst
Customer Support Executive
Customer Support Consultant
Technical Support Executive
Technical Support Engineer
Software Support Executive
Customer Support Team Manager
Customer Support Manager
Head of Support
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Nick - VP or Customer Success (HR Tech)

Personable, studious & meticulous in his research of finding the right candidates to fit roles.

Gordon - Global VP or Customer Success (E-commerce Tech)

After a very thorough interview process I was delighted to be in a position to offer the first candidate he submitted.

Steve - Head of Customer Success (Legal Tech)

We were really impressed with the speed of the process and the quality of the service we received.

Seb - Head of Customer Success (SaaS)

Has shown what great looks like when recruiting for top talent.

Alexia - VP of Customer Success (Educational Tech)

It’s not often I use this term but Luke is elite when it comes to relationship management within recruitment.

Will - Global Director of Customer Success (Marketing Tech)

For once it was refreshing to work with an agency with integrity.

Paul - COO (Financial Tech)

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