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Finding you talent before we’ve even met.

We don’t just put a job ad out to get you a list of candidates. We’re constantly immersing ourselves in our network and the full CS talent market. We’re trusted by clients and candidates and have built a reputation for helping place exceptional talent in their next dream role. So when it comes time to find your next hire, we’ve already got some great pre-qualified candidates in mind.

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Our process simplified


First things first, let’s talk. We begin with a comprehensive consultation to really get to grips with both your immediate needs and your long-term ambitions. It’s all about crafting a service that’s as unique as your business, ensuring our approach perfectly aligns with your goals. Our priority? To ensure you’re completely confident in our strategy and assured that we’re the ideal partner to champion your brand.

The Brief

Here’s where we get into the nitty-gritty. We want the full picture – the ins and outs of the role, but we delve deeper too. We’re keen to understand your vision of the ideal candidate, the unique dynamics of your team, and how this person will not only fit into your business but also resonate with your clients. Armed with detailed insights (and a hefty amount of notes), we’re ready to provide feedback, market insights, and shape the perfect candidate profile for you.

Go-to-market & Shortlisting

Now, it’s showtime! We take your role to our vast Customer Success network, meticulously screening and qualifying candidates to match your specific criteria. We’re not just looking for a fit; we’re on the hunt for someone who’s genuinely excited about your role. Our aim? To spare you the CV avalanche and present only those candidates who are a must-see.

Interview Management

Scheduling interviews can be a headache – we get that. That’s why we handle all the logistics, syncing with you and the candidates to set up interviews seamlessly. We’ll prep the candidates thoroughly and ensure timely feedback post-interview. Transparency is vital, so we’ll keep you in the loop about any other offers the candidate might be considering.

Offer Management

We’ve found your perfect match, now it’s time to make it official. When it comes to offer negotiation and agreement, we’re seasoned pros. We support and streamline your business’s procedures to ensure a smooth transition from offer acceptance to onboarding. Here’s to a successful hire and the start of a new chapter!

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What to expect when you partner with ABR

Specialist Account Manager

You’ll be working with a specialist in your market to help you find the right talent for your individual business needs

Ready-To-Hire Candidates

You will have all the information you need to take candidates to interview. When a CV arrives from ABR, you’ll have an interview pending.

Market Trends & Insights

We give you real-time insight into a fast-moving and ever-evolving talent market. We’re working across the space so can give you a clear picture of what you need to do to attain and retain the best CS talent.

Access our Vast Network

When we’re not screening Customer Success talent, we’re interviewing leaders across the globe, or more recently contributing to the likes of CS-Insider

Genuine Humans

We know, a novel idea. We’re a human-first business and truly value the Human-to-Human approach. You’re not dealing with robots or AI we promise.

An extension of your brand

When we’re representing your business we’re acting as your brands voice to prospective employees.. No pressure right!? We’ll take a role to market as if we’re part of your internal team. A true extension of your brand!

Ready to hire? Choose your path:

Every business has different needs and approaches recruitment in its own way. So we offer several ways we can work with you to bring top talent into your business.


Exclusive project



Got a crucial role to fill, and time isn’t on your side? We’ve got you covered with our Contingency Recruitment service. Think of it as your rapid-response hiring solution. Whether it's a one-off critical position or a sudden need to bolster your team, we're here to swiftly match you with the right talent. No fuss, no long waits – just the right person in the right role, asap.

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Exclusive project

Planning to upscale your team or searching for that perfect senior executive? Our Exclusive Project Recruitment is your go-to. This isn’t just hiring; it’s a strategic partnership to sculpt your dream team. We dedicate ourselves to understanding the intricacies of your needs, whether it's a cluster of key roles or hunting down a niche, high-calibre executive. Consider us an extension of your team, committed to a long-term vision of your success.

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Need an expert in your business like yesterday? We tap into our extensive network of contract professionals to bring you the expertise you need, exactly when you need it. Whether it's steering a short-term project, injecting specialist knowledge for a few months, or elevating your team’s skills over the long haul, we provide the consulting expertise to make it happen.

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How does your role stack up?

Upload your vacancy to see how it compares to the wider market. One of our expert recruiters will review your requirement(s) and then contact you to provide actionable feedback and benchmarking.

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