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The CS Studio: Customer Success is a company wide philosophy

By Haig Kingston. Your monthly digest on all things Customer Success.

Just a short newsletter from me this month due a pending break away to sunnier climes.

I was on my daily morning walk this morning in the beautiful English countryside and I was thinking about why some CS Teams are more successful than others, for me it comes down to the organisation having CS at the heart of its business. It is critical that all departments adopt a CS centric approach to their work, if every department was to buy into CS, then the harmonisation of teams across your organisation will reap huge benefits.

Some years ago now a former leader used to say to me “Everyone is in Sales” and yes that is still true however, why aren’t we saying that “Everyone is in Customer Success”?

I would love to learn for CS individuals out there or even Business Executives how they have cultivated a CS environment across their departments.

Craig Taylor “Lots of business claim to be customer centric but often fall down on that claim when you take a look at the KPI’s that the various teams are measured against. If there isn’t something in there that relates to the customer success or customer centricity then I would challenge the claim”

CS News & Events

HUGE NEWS!!! HubSpot have recently announced their latest offering and its for Customer Success, here is a sneak peak and well worth taking a look, could this change the game?

Salesforce are in talks to acquire Informatica, “Analysts believe that Informatica will help Salesforce in its quest to support companies run AI queries on their own data” see here for more details.

Partner Showcase

I was energised recently by the amazing Emma Sunder, Head of People and the great team over at Startdeliver and their post on ‘Time to start taking Customer Success seriously as a function for growth in your organisation’

For those who may not know, Startdeliver is a next generation Customer Success Platform. We help Customer Success Managers make sense of all their customer data to make informed decisions on what customers to prioritise to prevent churn and grow NRR over time.

Definitely worth checking them out.

What’s next….

I have a very exciting guest on The CS Studio podcast next month, to be quiet honest, I am in CS superstar territory and I am hugely privileged to get even 15 minutes of this individuals time, a Top 25 CS Influencer, stay tuned!!!