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If you’re a #CSM (#customersuccessmanager) on the hunt for a new role..

Quick question.. What's your #ICP? As in, your "Ideal COMPANY profile".. I know I know, you're thinking, it's Ideal Customer Profile.. DUH!

Bear with me on this..

In your current or prior Customer Success role, customers who were a strong ICP (Ideal Customer) were far easier to engage & retain, right!? Less of a sales task and more of success partnership. You can’t win them all, but a successful partnership starts with the right ICP.

Treat your job search the same.

By defining your ICP, you’re increasing your chances of being seen by a decision maker. If you’re proactive in your approach, they’re more likely to listen to you, if you can quickly assert yourself as a relevant and credible #candidate.

What do you think? Watch the video to hear my take on it..

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